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Little Cotton (Guangdong) Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 as a non-woven product company that integrates research and development, design, production, marketing, and industrial operations. Our main products include cotton pads, cotton tissues(disposable face towels), disposable bath towels, compressed towels, disposable bed sheets, disposable underwear and other related disposable cotton products.

Our products are sold well in China, and are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America and other countries. Our equipment is complete, production capacity is sufficient, shipment speed is fast, quality supervision is sound, and we provide many-to-one pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services with a high degree of cooperation with our customers. We adhere to the corporate philosophy of “customer-oriented, quality-oriented”. Little Cotton sincerely looks forward to cooperating with you!

About Little-Cotton

Little Cotton (Guangdong) Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

Product Category

cotton pad

Cotton Pads

Gentle, versatile cotton pads for skincare, makeup removal, and more.

cotton tissue

Cotton Tissues

Soft and durable cotton tissues for face and hand use.

compressed towel

Compressed Towels

Compact, absorbent towels ideal for travel, camping, and outdoor activities.

Disposable Bath Towels

Single-use, convenient disposable bath towels for hygiene and travel.

Travel Kit

Convenient and compact travel kit with disposable underwear, socks, and compressed towels.

Little-Cotton Sustainability For Manufacturer Process

As a professional non-woven fabric manufacturer in China, Little-Cotton combines the superior properties of high-quality natural cotton and advanced non-woven technology, without chemicals or additives, and without chemical chlorine or fluorescence.

Chlorine Free

No Toxic

Water Recycling

Energy Efficient

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Why Choose Us

Little Cotton (Guangdong) Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of cotton personal hygiene products in China. Since 2018, we have been engaged in the production, research and development and sales of cotton personal hygiene products, as well as cotton products under our own “Little-Cotton” brand.

Starting from a simple but firm dream, we would like to guide people away from chemical stimulation and return to a safer, healthier and more comfortable life.

High quality cotton

Strictly select natural, safe and environmentally friendly cotton

High production capacity

As an expert in cotton products, the daily output of little-cotton exceeds 300,000 packages

OEM/ODM service

We offer Ready-to-Ship products that can ship within 48 hours and OEM/ODM products that can provide samples within one day.

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Years Experience

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Production Line

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Million Shipments

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Quality wins the market, integrity casts the brand, and service creates the future

Application of pure cotton fabric

As one of the professional wholesale personal care products suppliers in China, Little-Cotton can provide many types of nonwoven fabrics to meet the needs of different industries. Feel free to contact us for more accurate wholesale prices of pure cotton fabrics!

Office Wipe

Personal Care

Beauty Salon Care

Wash Face

Cooperative Brand

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