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Compressed Towels

Compressed towels are compact and lightweight towels that are compressed into small shapes, usually discs or tablets. They are made from highly absorbent materials and expand when soaked in water. Compressed towels are convenient for traveling, outdoor activities, or when you need a disposable towel for personal hygiene purposes.

Travel and Camping

Compressed towels are ideal for travel, camping, or hiking. When you need a towel, simply soak the compressed towel in water, and it will expand into a full-sized towel for drying off or cleaning purposes.

Sports and Gym

Compressed towels are convenient to carry in your gym bag or sports equipment. After a workout or sports activity, soak the compressed towel in water to expand it and use it for wiping away sweat or refreshing yourself.

Raw Material

100 normal cotton & 100% organic cotton spunlace non-woven fabric

Basic Weight

The basic weight of our biodegradable nonwoven fabric ranges from 30gsm to 200gsm.


Non-aperture, Aperture (8-36) mesh, new patterns, customized patterns


The general width of our spunlace cotton nonwoven fabric is from 5.5cm to 100cm.


Special treatment, GOTS certified organic cotton.

Why Choose Compressed Towel?

  • Compact: Compressed towels are highly compact and space-saving. They are compressed into a small size, making them convenient to carry during travel or outdoor activities.
  • Lightweight: Compressed towels are lightweight, which adds to their portability. They are designed to be easy to pack and won’t weigh down your luggage or backpack.
  • Quick-drying: These towels are often made of quick-drying materials, allowing them to absorb moisture efficiently and dry rapidly after use. This feature is particularly beneficial when you’re on the move or in humid environments.
  • Absorbent: Despite their compact size, compressed towels have good absorbency. They can effectively soak up water or sweat, providing practical use for personal hygiene or cleaning purposes.
  • Hygienic: Compressed towels are typically individually wrapped or packaged, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. This feature helps maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the towel until it is ready to be used.
  • Versatile: Compressed towels have a range of applications. They can be used for personal care, wiping surfaces, or even as an emergency cloth. Their versatility makes them handy in various situations during travel or outdoor adventures.
compress towel

Representative Product

China Cheap Magic Towel Compressed Tablet Travel Compressed Towel Tablet for Restaurant Hotel

EF Pattern Vacuum Packed 70*140CM Quick-Dry Large Size Super Compressed Soft Bath Towel

Little Cotton New Trend Soft Compressed Towel Travel Compression Disposable Towel Tablets

Portable Soft Disposable Compressed Towel Tablet Candy Package Magic Compressed Towel

Little-Cotton Sustainability For Manufacturer Process

As a professional non-woven fabric manufacturer in China, Little-Cotton combines the superior properties of high-quality natural cotton and advanced non-woven technology, without chemicals or additives, and without chemical chlorine or fluorescence.

Chlorine Free

No Toxic

Water Recycling

Energy Efficient

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About Little-Cotton

Guangzhou Littlecotton Industry Co., LTD. was established in 2018 as a non-woven product company that integrates research and development, design, production, marketing, and industrial operations. Our main products include cotton pads, cotton tissues(disposable face towels), disposable bath towels, compressed towels, disposable bed sheets, disposable underwear and other related disposable cotton products.

Our products are sold well in China, and are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America and other countries. Our equipment is complete, production capacity is sufficient, shipment speed is fast, quality supervision is sound, and we provide many-to-one pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services with a high degree of cooperation with our customers. We adhere to the corporate philosophy of “customer-oriented, quality-oriented”. Little Cotton sincerely looks forward to cooperating with you!

Why Choose Us

Guangzhou Littlecotton Industry Co., LTD.  is a leading manufacturer of cotton personal hygiene products in China. Since 2018, we have been engaged in the production, research and development and sales of cotton personal hygiene products, as well as cotton products under our own “Little-Cotton” brand.

Starting from a simple but firm dream, we would like to guide people away from chemical stimulation and return to a safer, healthier and more comfortable life.

High quality cotton

Strictly select natural, safe and environmentally friendly cotton

High production capacity

As an expert in cotton products, the daily output of little-cotton exceeds 300,000 packages

OEM/ODM service

We offer Ready-to-Ship products that can ship within 48 hours and OEM/ODM products that can provide samples within one day.

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Million Shipments

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Sound quality supervision, high cooperation with customers, sufficient production capacity 2 automatic extraction cotton soft towel production lines, 3 towel and bath towel production lines, with a daily output of 300,000 packages

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We have more than 20 years of industry experience, quality assurance. Our production equipment is complete, sufficient capacity, fast delivery, price concessions, there is a one-to-one service. Little Cotton is trustworthy.

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