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What Perfect Customization Services We Offer

Various Pattern: Pattern of towels come in three styles: Pearl Pattern, Waffle Pattern, Plain Pattern and Others.

Different Material: 100% Viscose, 100% cotton, and a blend of 50% Wood Pulp + 50% Polyester are all available options for you here. Each offers distinct benefits, allowing you to customize your product to suit various preferences and requirements

Package Style: Varieties of towel bags options are offered to suit your customized needs. Stand up Common Bag, Vacuum Bag, Transparent Bag+Sticker, Paper Box, Bulk Bag etc. are provided here.   

Optional Sizes: Our towels comes in various specifications: 30*60cm, 50*100cm, 60*120cm, 70*140cm, 80*160cm or Custom. Different sizes and specifications of towels are also available.

Popular Pattern Options You Can Choose For

Pearl Pattern: The pearl pattern typically has a smooth and soft feel, similar to the smoothness of a pearl’s surface. This pattern often makes the towel’s surface smoother and finer, providing a soft and comfortable feel.

Waffle Pattern: The waffle pattern generally presents a circular ridged pattern. The feel is relatively smooth, but may be slightly rougher compared to the pearl pattern. This pattern also tends to have good absorbency, making it suitable for towel manufacturing.

Plain Pattern: The plain pattern typically exhibits a crisscross fabric structure. Compared to the pearl and waffle patterns, the plain pattern’s feel may be smoother and more uniform. It may provide a more comfortable and soft feel, although its absorbency may be slightly lower than that of the pearl and waffle patterns.

Other Popular Pattern

Luxuriant Pattern

Willow Leaf Pattern

Striped Pattern

Different Package We Can Custom

Common Bag

Vacuum Bag

Sterile Composite Bag

Paper Box

Bulk Bag

Disposable Bath Towel

Disposable Bath Towel are convenient, hygienic, and suitable for travel, hotels, and gyms. Soft, absorbent, individually packaged for single-use, providing hygiene and convenience.

Individually packed

Each disposable bath towels set has its individual, compact, light, and sterile packaging. It is convenient to carry for travel, for gym, for camping and easy to fit in your baggage. It is dust-proof.

Strong water absorption

Our disposable shower towels, strong water absorption of pearl texture, flexibility and not easy to tear, no flocculation, comfortable and comfortable experience; recyclable, can be used twice, after washing, it can be used as a rag to wipe the table.

Widely used

Our disposable bath towels set serves diverse purposes from hotel/motel/ staying, business trips, hiking and camping, facial/body/hair cleaning and drying, traveling and vacationing, salon and spa, nursery, elderly care, stocking for guests, pet bath wipes and more.

We are also support custom your private labels and products. Here are some representative products for your reference. 

The Travel Kit with Disposable Cotton Towels is the perfect choice when you need to dry off while traveling or don’t want to use regular towels. Travel without worrying about having to carry around large, bulky traditional towels. Simply use the disposable bathroom towels after showering or washing, or even if you just need to wipe yourself down. If the towel gets dirty, just throw it away. If your luxury towel gets wet but still clean, let it dry and use it again. Our disposable cotton towels are designed to be highly absorbent and strong and tear-resistant when wet, allowing them to dry more easily. The towel can be easily folded and stored in a pocket or purse. Disposable hand towels are great for travel, showers, baths, hotels, camping, car rides, gyms, pools, and more.

Why Choose Disposable Bath Towels?

  • Material: Look for disposable towels made of absorbent and quick-drying materials. Microfiber or non-woven fabrics are common choices for disposable towels as they are lightweight and absorbent.

  • Size: Consider the size of the towel. Choose a size that is suitable for your needs, whether it’s a full-sized bath towel or a smaller towel for face and body.

  • Packaging: Disposable cotton towels often come individually wrapped for hygiene and convenience. Opt for towels that are compactly packaged, making them easy to carry and store. Or contacting us to custom your own private package.

  • Environmentally Friendly Options: If you’re concerned about environmental impact, look for eco-friendly or biodegradable disposable towel options. Some brands offer towels made from sustainable materials that break down more easily in the environment.

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About Us

Guangdong Little Cotton Nonwoven Products Co., LTD., established in 2018, specializes in non-woven products. We offer a wide range of disposable cotton products, including disposable towels, disposable bed sheets, and disposable underwear. Our products are popular in worldwide. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we provide comprehensive one-stop services, including OEM/ODM solutions for global customers, encompassing pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales support.

  • Our state-of-the-art facility boasts a factory area of 28,000 square meters, including a 3,000 square meter clean and dust-free workshop.
  • With a daily production capacity exceeding 300,000 packages and a storage capacity of 6 million packages.
  • we ensure fast shipment and customized solutions, with rapid proofing in just one day and shipment in 10 days.

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Sound quality supervision, high cooperation with customers, sufficient production capacity 2 automatic extraction cotton soft towel production lines, 3 towel and bath towel production lines, with a daily output of 300,000 packages

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