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Q1. What is Little Cotton?

A: Little Cotton is a factory specializing in the production of disposable non-woven travel products. We aim to provide high-quality, convenient disposable items like towels, bedsheet sets, and other travel essentials.

Q2. What products does Little Cotton offer?

A: Our product line includes various travel essentials such as disposable towels, compressed towels, disposable bed sheets, among others. These products are designed to offer convenient solutions for travelers, hotels, and similar establishments.

Q3. Can products from Little Cotton be customized?

A: Yes, we offer personalized customization services. You can customize product sizes, colors, packaging, and even add branding logos to meet specific needs and requirements.

Q4. Where are Little Cotton‘s products primarily used?

A: Our products find widespread application in hotels, resorts, cruise ships, travel, sponsored events, and various settings or occasions that require disposable travel products.

Q5. How does Little Cotton ensure product quality?

A: Little Cotton is committed to delivering high-quality products. We employ advanced production techniques and stringent quality control processes to ensure that our products meet industry standards and customer expectations.

Q6. What is the customization process at Little Cotton?

A: The customization process involves understanding customer requirements, confirming customization details, creating samples, production, and delivery. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the customized products meet their expectations and specifications.

Q7. Does Little Cotton cater to clients of different scales?

A: Yes, we accommodate clients of varying sizes, be it individual customizations or bulk orders. We aim to meet the needs of our customers, regardless of the scale of their requirements.

Q8. Does Little Cotton‘s disposable product line have an environmental impact?

A: At Little Cotton, we are environmentally conscious. Our product designs consider eco-friendly factors, and we strive to minimize negative environmental impacts during the production process.

disposable bath towel

Disposable Towels

Q1. Can I personalize the bath towels with my brand or logo?

A: Absolutely! Our customization service allows you to add your brand logo or personalized design to the bath towels. This customization helps promote your brand identity or event.

Q2. Are there options to choose sizes for the towels?

A: Yes, you have the flexibility to select the sizes for the bath towels based on your preferences or requirements. We offer a range of options to suit your needs.

Q3. What is the minimum order quantity for custom bath towels?

A: Our minimum order quantity may vary depending on the customization options and specifications. We encourage you to discuss your requirements with us, and we’ll provide details based on your needs.

Q4. How long does the custom bath towel production process take?

A: The production duration can vary based on the quantity, customization complexity, and other factors. Typically, the process takes several weeks from design confirmation to final delivery.

Q5. Does the customization service include personalized packaging?

A: Yes, we offer personalized packaging options. You can add custom labels, designs, or information on the towel packaging to align with your branding or event theme.

Q6. Can custom bath towels be used for specific occasions or events?

A: Certainly! Our custom bath towels are suitable for various occasions such as hotels, spas, resorts, special events, promotions, and more. They serve as practical and personalized solutions.

Q7. How is the pricing for customized bath towels calculated?

A: The pricing for custom bath towels is determined by factors such as size, material, quantity, customization details, and design complexity. We provide quotations based on your specific requirements.

Q8. Are the disposable bath towels environmentally friendly?

A: We strive to incorporate eco-friendly materials and production practices into our disposable bath towels. We prioritize sustainability and aim to minimize environmental impacts.

disposable bedsheet

Disposable Bedsheet Sets

Q1. Can I infuse my brand identity into the bed sheet sets?

A: Absolutely! Our customization service allows you to seamlessly integrate your brand aesthetics, logo, or personalized designs onto the bed sheet sets, offering a unique touch to your accommodations.

Q2. What choices do I have in terms of sizes and hues for the bed sheet sets?

A: Tailoring to your preferences, we provide an array of options for bed sheet sizes and an exquisite palette of colors. This allows you to curate bed sheet sets that align precisely with your vision.

Q3. Is there a minimum quantity requirement for custom bed sheet sets?

A: The minimum order quantity varies based on your customization specifications and requirements. Feel free to discuss your needs with us, and we’ll provide detailed information tailored to your project.

Q4. What’s the typical timeline for the production of custom bed sheet sets?

A: Crafting perfection takes time, and the production duration hinges on factors such as order volume, customization intricacies, and other considerations. Typically, our process spans several weeks from design approval to the final dispatch.

Q5. Does the customization package encompass bespoke packaging for the bed sheet sets?

A: Certainly! Elevate your brand presence with our personalized packaging options. From custom labels to unique designs, we ensure that the packaging complements and enhances the exclusivity of your custom bed sheet sets.

Q6. Are these custom bed sheet sets suitable for specific occasions or events?

A: Indeed! Our custom bed sheet sets add a touch of sophistication to various settings, including hotels, resorts, special events, or promotional campaigns. They’re designed to offer comfort with a personalized flair.

Q7. How is the pricing for customized bed sheet sets determined?

A: The pricing structure takes into account factors such as size, material, quantity, customization intricacies, and design sophistication. Our quotes are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring transparency in the cost breakdown.

Q8. Is there an eco-conscious aspect to the disposable bed sheet sets?

A: Embracing sustainability, we endeavor to incorporate eco-friendly materials and responsible production practices into our disposable bed sheet sets. Our commitment lies in minimizing environmental impacts while providing a luxurious and conscientious solution.


Q1. What materials are commonly used in your product?

A: At Little Cotton, we prioritize quality and comfort, utilizing a blend of materials to create our non-woven fabric. Our commonly used materials include natural cotton fibers, viscose, and so on. These materials are chosen for their softness, durability, and eco-friendly properties, ensuring that our non-woven fabric maintains a high standard of comfort and sustainability.

Q2. What are the advantages of cotton and viscose materials?

A: Cotton Advantages:

  • Natural Softness: Cotton is renowned for its innate softness, offering a gentle touch that’s kind to the skin. It provides a comfortable and smooth experience, making it ideal for various applications, including textiles and personal care products.
  • High Absorbency: Cotton fibers possess excellent absorbent qualities, efficiently soaking up moisture. This feature makes cotton an ideal choice for products requiring absorbency, such as towels or wipes.
  • Breathability: Cotton’s breathability allows air to circulate, keeping the body cool and comfortable. It’s an excellent choice for garments worn in warm or humid climates.

Viscose Advantages:

  • Silky Texture: Viscose, also known as rayon, offers a luxurious and silky texture, resembling natural fibers like silk. This characteristic makes it a favored choice for soft and smooth fabrics used in various applications.
  • Absorbent Nature: Viscose fibers exhibit good absorbency, making them suitable for products that require moisture-wicking properties. It efficiently absorbs perspiration, contributing to comfort in clothing and personal care items.
  • Versatility: Viscose is highly versatile and can be blended with other materials to enhance their properties. Its ability to blend well with different fibers allows for the creation of fabrics with diverse characteristics, combining comfort and functionality.
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