High Quality Facial Makeup Cotton Three-layer Nail Remover Cleansing Square Cotton Pad for Face

Model Number:CT-HZM-222
Size:5cm*6cm 222 Pcs/Pack
Material:Pure cotton plant fiber


Pattern:One side plain, One side mesh
Function:Personal care,Women makeup removing,Nail polish remove
NameRef no.FeaturesBasis weightMain MaterialSizePackage
Cotton RoundsYY-YXHZM-150More convenient use experience and more suitable for large area applications55gsmCotton Nonwoven5.7cm150 pcs/box
Cotton SquaresMY-HZM-1000PBetter for precise makeup and spot care40gsmCotton Nonwoven5*6cm1080 pcs/box
MY-HZM-222P150gsmUnbleached Cotton Nonwoven5*6cm222 pcs/bag
XMH-HZM-222150gsmUnbleached Cotton Nonwoven5*6cm222 pcs/bag
XMH-HZ-160150gsmUnbleached Cotton Nonwoven5*6cm160 pcs/box
XMH-HZ-100040gsmCotton Nonwoven5*6cm1080 pcs/box
YY-LXHZM-140120gsmCotton Nonwoven6*8cm150 pcs/box
YY-HZ-60060gsmCotton Nonwoven5*6cm600 pcs/box
CT-DXHZ-110040gsmCotton Nonwoven5*6cm700 pcs/box
CT-DXHZ-120150gsmCotton Nonwoven5*6cm120 pcs/box
CT-HZM-222150gsmCotton Nonwoven5*6cm198 pcs/box

Cotton Pads Sheets

Square Cotton Pad Picture Description

Square Cotton Pad
Square Cotton Pad
Square Cotton Pad
Square Cotton Pad
Square Cotton Pad
Square Cotton Pad
Square Cotton Pad
Square Cotton Pad
Square Cotton Pad
Square Cotton Pad
Little Cotton is a professional manufactuer of Cotton Non-woven Product in China. We can provide OEM/ODM service to our customer. Feel free to share us your requiryments!

What Are Square Cotton Pad Suitable for?

  • Skincare Application: They can be used for applying toners, serums, moisturizers, and other skincare products.
  • Nail Polish Removal: Square Cotton Pads are useful for removing nail polish and cleaning nails.
  • Facial Cleansing: They are suitable for cleansing the face, removing impurities, and exfoliating the skin.
  • Makeup Application: Square Cotton Pad can be used for applying and blending foundation, concealer, or powder.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have more than 20 years of industry experience, quality assurance. Our production equipment is complete, sufficient capacity, fast delivery, price concessions, there is a one-to-one service. Little Cotton is trustworthy.
  • Of course. We can customize products to your design and make your own brand identity. We can also pack products according to your requirements. We can also accept OEM orders.
  • We can offer samples for free, but the shipping cost shall be negotiated by both sides
  • Spot products, to be delivered within 2 days after payment. Custom products, first order delivery 10-20 days, second repurchase 3-7 days delivery.
  • Spot products can be placed directly. The process of customizing the product:Inquiry → Select packaging →Select material → Confirm specifications → Confirm quantity → Offer → Negotiate→ Make samples → Confirm samples → Mass production→ Settle the balance → Package delivery → Finished product delivery.

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